There is no doubt that today's youth will be tomorrows' leaders. If ever there was a time that we need to deal with the realities of the time that we live in, it is now. In an age where everything both good and bad are available at our fingertips, it is unfortunate that we see more bad than good. We are bombarded with the negative and not the positive. When once we stood for principle and morality, we see now that we have become desensitized to the immoralities of this world.Questions and Answers Even when we do not actively seek to surround ourselves with it, it surrounds us through television programs, through the internet, through the radio, and through magazines. We have become a world fascinated by the "abnormalities of life". Is it any wonder that life has become less sacred to young adults? That respect for our elders, has become a thing of the past? That respect for our teachers has dried up? That sexual deviancy and 'exotic' fascinations have taken over the minds of women?

Our vision at Doubt2Reason magazine is to answer the call of young people in Jamaica, and the Caribbean. WriterWe endeavor to focus on Christian issues that plague our churches, and topics that affect us close to home. Like Martin Luther, we have a dream today. Our dream is to see respect enter the school room again. Respect for teachers, respect for our peers, and respect for ourselves. We dream of a day when we can love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We dream of a day when we will honor our parents, and our society We believe that it only takes one to make a difference. One to lead one, one to influence one, one to save one. One to change the world.

It is said that "The eyes are the windows to the soul." What are we showing our youth? Doubt2Reason magazine will show them something different. We need to see less magazine covers telling us the "Ten best ways to please your man" and more of "Ten ways to start a business in Jamaica and the Caribbean" or "Ten things to know before getting married", "Ten things to know when applying for college", "Ten things to know before pulling the trigger", "Ten things to know about anger".

Let us stop reaching for the American dream, and forge a great Jamaican dream for our youth.

We believe that Doubt2Reason will become the premier magazine in Jamaica and the Caribbean. We want your company to join us and be a part of this exciting and amazing experience.